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142                CHAELES  STEWAET PAENELL             [1886
' By the way, there is another point, Mr. Chamberlain, that I had forgotten, which I should like to put to you. Going away from the question of Canada, I find that in '85 Parnell was in touch with Lord Carnarvon through Mr. Justin McCarthy, or directly. He was in touch with you through Captain O'Shea. "Was he in communication with Mr. Gladstone at this time, directly or indirectly ?'
Mr. Chamberlain.  'Yes.    He was in communication with Mr. Gladstone through a lady.' 'Mrs. O'Shea?'
Mr. Chamberlain. 'Yes.'
' Mr. Gladstone has frankly told me that. He told me that he had seen Mrs. O'Shea for the first time in 1882.'
Mr. Chamberlain. 'Yes, he told me the same thing.'
' May I take it that the Cabinet was practically in relation with Parnell through Mrs. O'Shea from 1882 ?'
Mr. Chamberlain. ' Yes.'
' May I ask a word about the Bound Table Conference ?'
Mr. Chamberlain. 'Yes.'
' Well, what was it exactly ? What were the points raised exactly ?'
Mr. Chamberlain. ' I revived my National Councils scheme at the Bound Table Conference. ,1 believe they were willing to accept it. They asked Parnell. Parnell would not have it, and that of course made an end in the matter. They thought they could turn him round like Trevelyan, but found they were mistaken.'
On April 8 Mr. Gladstone moved the first reading of the Home Bule Bill. He proposed to establish anthat in not what the Bill proposes to do with reference to Ireland. It docs not delegate certain powers to Ireland. On tho contrary, it given Ireland power to legislate 'upon Irish matters generally, reserving certain things to tho Imperial Parliament. I think that was the line I took. However open I may he to criticism in whatever I said, my aim wan, an I Bay, to kill the Bill/ould legislate!?'ll had risen to in n shorter timo than I now take to tell the Htory. Whenoin Mr, (*lml**tunr,* Nr\t <luy tht*