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.KT. 40]        INTKUVIKNV   \VITII   MIL   IHUdilT                HO
Mr. Jlrit/ht. ' I will tell you. I object to this Bill. It either <j[oes too far or it does not go far enough. IE you could persuade me that what you call Home .Rule would he a jjood tiling for Ireland, I would still object to this Bill. It does not <(o far enough. It would lead tt> friction to constant friction between the two countries. The Irish Parliament would be constantly siru«^lin^ to hurst the burs of the statutory eu^e in which it. is sought to confine it. Persuade me that Home Rule would he a *(ood thin;? For Ireland, and I would tfive you the widest measure possible, consistently with keeping up the connection between the two countries.'
I. asked : * You would **i\v us control of the land, police* judges ? *
Mr, Ih'it/hL * Certainly, 1 would j;ive yon a measure, which would make it impossible for the two Parliaments to come into conflict, There is the danger. 1C you jjet only a half-hearted measure, you will immediately ask fur more. There wuuhi he renewed agitation perhaps an nttempt at insurrection-- and iti the etui we should take uway your Parliament* and probably make you a Crown eotony/
I Haiti: * Would you keep the Irish members in Westminster ?"
A/r. HrhjhL * Certainly not. Why, the bent clause iti Mr. (Hailstone's Hill is the one which exehuleM them.1
* If you were a Iluine Ruler, Mr. Bright, you w<nild» in fact, give* Ireland CYiIontn! Home Rule?*
H/r, Jirif/ht. ' I would |,*ivi* lier it measure of Homo Hub which should never briti|.{ her Parliament intc»d«i^e relation with the British .Parliament. She. should have control over everything'which by the most liberal interpretation could be culled lri*h. I would either have trustfor the Land Bill, he practically threw it over. * Whilepay it backuld legislate!?'ll had risen to in n shorter timo than I now take to tell the Htory. Whenoin Mr, (*lml**tunr,* Nr\t <luy tht*