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134               CffAKLKB  STKWAUT FAHNKLL            [1888
have had tho Anns Act; you have had tho suspension of trial by jury  all during the last five yearn* You havo authorised your police to enter tho domicile) of a citizen, of your fellow-subject in Ireland, at any hour of tho day or night, and search any part of thin domicile, even the bedn of tho women, without warrant. You havo lined the innocent for offences committed by the guilty ; you have taken power to expel aliens from tins country ; you have revived tho curfew law and the blood money of your Norman conquerors; you havo gagged tho Press, and seized and suppressed newspapers; you have manufactured new crimes and offences, and applied fresh                unknown to your
law for                      and offences.   All this you havo
dona for five years, and all this and much more you will havo to do again.
4 Tho provision in the Bill for excluding tho Irish member** from the Imperial Parliament has been very vehemently objected to, and Mr. Trevelyan has said that there in no half-way house between separation and the maintenance of law and order in Ireland by Imperial authority. I nay, with just as much sincerity of belief and just as much experience, an the right lion, gentleman, that in my judgment there in no half-way house between the concession of legislative autonomy to Ireland and the diKfnuu.'hlsement of the country, and her Government an a Crown colony* JJut, sir, I rt'fuse to believe that theno evil days must come. I am convinced there are a suflicitmt number of wise and just members in thin House to cause it to disregard appeals made to passion, and to chooso tho way of founding peace and goodwill among nations; and when tho numbers tit the division lobby eorno to bo told, it will ho told for the admirationor              a                   put on their trial) ; youw take to tell the Htory. Whenoin Mr, (*lml**tunr,* Nr\t <luy tht*