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102                 OIIAHLKH STKWAUT  PAKNKU,              [I8WJ
Mrs, O'Shea was the wif«« of (*tiptitin O'Shw, who had pniotii'iilly ncltul AH Mr. ('huiulutriain's ambassador
in negotiating the? Kilmsunlww ttvaty, ami who wib-soquently bcfatno nu*wlH»r for (ltd way,1 During tho General KUnitton of IHHCi C *nptaitt ( )'Shi«a (tlu»n n KUm*HH-ful candidate for tin* rq>n*Ht»Mttttioit of thi» County C-liinO wan introduced to Parnrll by Tht* OXIorman 'llnlion, Homo "weekH afterwardH Fiiriii*!! tit«t Mrs, O'Slioa for tho ftrnt timo at a dinwr party givc»n by her lutKband at ThonmH*H Hold, in H«'rki*lt»y Sijimn*. A ftioitckhip, \vhich 8t>on rijH*imd into Itivi% H|irnng up In^twoon thorn, and from IHHi to 1H01 thtty llvml m liunband atul wife.
Tho O'fthoas had a            at Kltham. Famuli took
quarters near thorn* Captain O'Hhoa'g                    of
improper intimacy lH*tw«on Pariu^H and ht« wifo wtirci arouscid so early as 1881,
Coining to Klthatu ontt day •• ho had chambcrn in town, wliero h« gcinenilly ntopptul --ho found Parndrn portmanteau in tho houw\ He at onco flt»w into a rttgo with hiH wife, and nt/itt a challenge to Purnoll.
('<tj)t(tin (yshnt /u Varncll
1 Sitlifibury Hi*H, St. JitmtMuij .Itily III,
* Rue,-- "Will ymt pIuuKt* bo HO kind us to bo at Lillo» or at any othor town in thn north of Franco which may
1 * It           to        I        to Mr,         , *       CI'Hliwi wits Clmmtor-
lain1* anibaifiador in                   llm                                    * Orliiinly,1
ii© replied.   * O'Bhe*                                                  Intitiiilii,   li wni
O^Shea who brought me to                                    an! iritrt«iiti*t*il ittii to
him,'   II may bt          that                                         Hr, Chamtorlftin
vnther than Parnell ai the            of the                 the Home tittle Bill
in 1888. He 4id not vote on the              reading--*' he              out.1
Boon af             lie              hi« trat tor              ami                  from political life.8815.