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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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/Ex. 40]      AN   UNFOUTUXATH  ATTACHMENT              10*
suit your convenience, on Saturday morning, l(>th instant. PleaHo k4t me know by 1 P.M. to-day, so tha-t I may be able to inform you an to the nign of tho inn at which I shall stay. I want your answer, in order to IOHO no time in arranging for a friend to accompany me.'
Captain (VShea (lid not rm*ive an immediate answer
to thin letter, \vhereupon he wrote again :
4 T find that you have not #ono abroad ; your Iu*^tjjo is at Charing Cross Station/
Heturnin#   from   Klthum,   ho   brought   PawoH's
portmanteau with him to Charing Cross. Famuli replied ;
tu Cttjitttui O*.S'An/. * \\V?>tniinntt*r I'tiliuut IIt4rI; ,1iilj l-i, IHH|,
I had ytiur h*itrr of yi^tt^tlay, henriu^ tho pOHtmark of to-day.    I n*plinl to your previijus letter
yontorday morning, and «riit my n^jily by a careful ineHHenger to the Salinbtiry (lull, Ytni will fiinl that your stmniB« that I refuno to go abroad in an inrt»nvet ono/
But there no dud. Mm. Q'Bht*a Biitisfietl tho (Captain that tlii*r« WHH nothing wrong, and frit*ndly relations \vero at cme« rtMiittied botwwm him and Parncll.
I do not think that it is uny part of my duty m PttrneH'H bio{;raj»htir to t*utt*r into th<» th'tails of hi?i liaison with Mm, C)*Hhrn. I have only to tlwl with the Hubjoct an it affrctH IIH public cmn**»rt tind wh«*n I have stated that ho lived maritally with Mr«. ()*Khca I feel that I have done all that may mtsomthly bo               o£ me.
N $                       * Orliiinly,1