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104               CHAHLKS STEWAHT PARNKLL             [1886
I am not going to excuse Parnell, neither shall I sit in judgment on him. lie Binned, and he paid the penalty of his Bin. For ten yearn this unfortunate liaison hung like a millstone round his neck, and
dragged him in the end to the grave. There it lies buried. I shall not root it up.
It has been said-—and this in a topic with which I am bound to deal--that Parnell neglected Ireland for
Mrs. G'Rhea.
I will try to deal with thin charge fairly and, I hope,
dispassionately, limiting the inquiry at present to the point at which the narrative 1ms now arrived It is not suggested that Parnell neglected Ireland in 1881 or in 1882 up to the date of his arrest; neither is it suggested that he neglected Ireland from January 1885 until the fall of the Gladstone Ministry in June 188(5. The charge, then, covers the period between May 1882 and December 1884.
During this period Panic!! did not certainly act with his wonted energy in Irish affairs,
The question is-—
1, What were the causes of his comparative inactivity?
C2. Did that inactivity amount to neglect of duty, and, if HO, to what extent?
1. Many causes conspired to mako Parnoll inactive between May 188*2 and December 1BH>I, and among those causes I am free to Bay that his entanglement with Mrs. O'Khea must be counted. Bhci threw a spell over him which changed the current of his domestic life and affected the courne of his political career* In the old days he was glad to come to Avondalo, glad to be among his own people, happy in the company of his sisters, bound up with every family interest.ho brought me to                                    an! iritrt«iiti*t*il ittii to