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/Ex. 40]               PAKNKLL'S  INACTIVITY                     105
* Charley/ says .John, * wan very fond of Avonilale. lie xined to be hero, often all alone, but he never minded it. He went about among the people, was always doing Bomething on tho, property»looking after his mines, and quite happy, lie would go on to Aughavanagh to shoot; then some of my sisters would come and stop with him, and he would go out walking or riding and living a ploasant life. Then we noticed a change. lie did not come HO frequently to Avomlale. lie spent more iimo in England/ The rest and solaeo which ho had once found in the old homo, in tho beautiful Wieklow vale ha now Bought in tho. new retreat of a London suburb. Ho loved M<rs. O'Sho.a, and it would IK* idle to deny that this passion exorcised a distracting and absorbing influence upon him. There were weeks, months, which he would have spont in Ireland* to tho immense advantage of tho National movement, but for his unfortunate attachment to that unhappy lady, All this I admit frankly and fully. But \n\ it remembered that Mrs, O'Hhoa wan only ono of tho factors in tho oaso, only one of the oausos which eotwpired to Jus comparative inactivity during tho yours under review.
What wortj tho cititorsV Health and public policy. First an to heidth. Thorn can bn no doubt that PanwIl'H health wan impaired during tho yoarn '82-84, and bin norvous systoin tmHtruug.
One «?vt*niii|{ iti IHH.'I lit* eiinte into the Dining-room of Urn Houst* of (*fiiti!tton«. Ho httd been at a private t altciulfd by KOIIH* of bin parliatnontary col-and by cither Natinmtlists wlio wor<^, not in t. II« Itxikod juded, raroworn, ill. Mr* (Jorbo.t, ono «if tfio inofuln*rw for Wicklow, wan dining at a table* by himiwlf.                                                 .
*On coming   into  tho room/   I'IIVH   Mr.  Corbet,          the Home tittle Bill