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172               CIIAKLKS  BTKWAltT PAEXKLL
have said, lie wanted peace. He. wanted time to turn round. In addition, he wan altogether against a revival of a land agitation on a large scale. He would, not go back to 1879, 18HO, 1HHL Of course he did not forget the land question. He had brought in bin Bill of 1.880, and he meant to bring it in again. But ha was against setting the country again in a blaze on the land question, lie wan really thinking mom of tho national question at thin time, and meant to keep the movement on national an opposed to agrarian linen,*
Some time towards the end of 188(5 or early in 1887 I met Mr. Campbell, Parnell's secretary, near Charing Cross. Tho Plan of Campaign had by thin time bean published in 4 United Ireland* and was put in force in the west. Everyone was talking about it. * In the Chief in favour of tho Plan of Campaign? f I asked Mr. Campbell. lie answered, with characteristic Ulster caution : * I really can't say. I have not seen him for some time. lie is very ill. I don't think he ban been consulted by these gentlemen.1 A short time after this conversation the following similar was issued from tho London offices of the Irish parliamentary party : * Mr. Parnell does not propose to exproBH any opinion UK to the "Plan of Campaign" at present, as he is desirous of first going to Ireland and having an opportunity of consulting with the gentlemen reKponnible for ita organiBation and working, whom he ban not Been nineo tho close of last BOBHIOH, lie also wishes for further information than that at prenent in bin poHHeBHion with regard to various matters before ha Kpettkę publicly on tho subject. Mr. Parnell \vaa not aware that the Plan of Campaign had been (levined or wan going to ho proposed until he saw it im the newBptipem*
The Plan of Campaign constituted a Horious drainfriend anHWortul.    * M Iome tittle Bill