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/Ex, 40]                   PLAN  OF  OAMPAK5N                          173
on the financial resources of the League, but kept the ball of agitation rolling. The turmoil which .Parnell had anticipated wan renewed, tho Government were forced to abandon all hope of governing by tho ordinary law, a perpetual Coercion Bill l wan added to tho statute-book, and Ministers and agitators stood faeo to face in a fierce and protracted struggle.
The * war * lasted throughout tho years 1887, 1888, and 1889, and was attended by tho uBual 4 incidcnta.' Public meetings were suppressed, whole districts proclaimed, popular representatives were Hung into jail, juries packed (when, indeed, there was trial by jury at all). Kvictions were multiplied, peasants and police were brought into collision, and the! old feeling of hatred and distrust between rulers and ruled was kept painfully alive,
Ireland wan onco more a prey to lawlessness upon one aide and to arbitrary authority on the other, Eighty-seven yearn of union still found the inland diBtraettnl, disloyal, and impoverished.
Wo have iwcm that thci Government had rejected Panioll'H Land Bill of 1880; had refused (1) to admit to thci inmufiU of tho Land Act of 1881,
1 The ttMittt important proviiiion* of tho              Act        : (I) Tlttl
n a orlmo wan committed an inquiry upon oath might         ploco, though no oni» wa« in custody               with committing th« crime,   (t)
That trial by jury might ttti *uftm»ndt»d, and trial by                  NUbntituted,
In the following           ; (n) luting part In any criminal oonfipiraoy now
puniMhaUo by law ; (b)             violf ncn and intimidation ; (e) riot and
unlawful aHHwnbiy « («) toroibly             premiacit from which n tenant had
bucm twlfitetl ; {»') interfering with tho ofllcorn of th« law in diiicharge of their duties ; (/) inciting to any of offend*. The Lord Lieutenant wai given powor to proclaim diftturbed dUtricta ant! dangerous aaRooia-tion». Tltii right of             ww given where the                 wai 0¥tw a
month. In March Bir Michael lucks- Beach retired from the oftlce of !r!tth KecrDtary. Ho w»s                   by Mr. Arthur ifelfour. It may bo
fttated that imrly In tho              of IH87 tiio oloiura, by a bare majority
and 011 the motion 01 any member (pfOfitltd the oonti'mt of the vhair wa§ given to the motion and 200               voted for It), wai adopted.