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Ato. 40-11]  KNULIHil  OPINION  OF PAHNKLL             175
tin an Irish member* wan the Htereotyped order despatched periodically by the provincial Liberal a-SBO-ciatioiw to the Irish ProHH agency in London. Irishmen who had been in jail were in special request. Irish members swarmed in the English constituencies, preaching * peace and goodwill.1 Liberals overran Ireland, sympathising with the victims of the Castle, and glorying in the hcroos of the Plan of Campaign.
I met no Knglish Liberal at this period who doubted the loyal professions of the Irish .Parliamentarians. I met many Liberals who doubted the loyal professions of Parnell. They believed that every Irish member wan willing to accept a settlement of the Irish question on the basis of a'subordinate1 Parliament. .Hut they did not know what wan at the back of PanudPs mind. * Outwardly he in much changed,1 an English Liberal said to me, * but I suspect in his heart he hates us m much an ever/ It would be a bold man who would at any time nay positively what wan at the back of ParnelPn mind, or in the mwssoH of hi» heart; but this much in certain —ha was never moved, as other Irinh mtimbctre wero moved, by the apparent Koal with which the .Liberal party, Hpurrocl by Mr, Gladstone, had taken up the cause of Ireland.
*Parnttll staying with mo in Cork, in 1887,* nays Mr. Morgan, * Wo          all at that tiwo full of
Mr. Gladstone and the Liberal party* Almost every Nationalist in tlio city had a portrait of Mr, Gladntono in bin house. The old man was nearly as popular an the young Chief, But 1'arnoll rmuainod unaffected by the general anthusiasm, Whilo ho was with mo ho never apoko of Mr. Gladstone or the Liberals I thought tliis               so ono evening I said to him :
11 Mr, Farnoll, everyone in Cork is talking about Mr. been higher, became in consequence rack rents.'—Annual Register. 1888. .                                   -powor to proclaim diftturbed dUtricta ant! dangerous aaRooia-tion». Tltii right of             ww given where the                 wai 0Ątw a