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JST. 41-42]                    IN   SOCIETY                                17?
Another meeting was called. Parnell attended, and never, even in Ireland, did he receive a more hearty welcome. One of the most charming leaders of society Invited him to dinner. lie did not answer the Invitation, and he did not come to the dinner.
A week afterwards Lady ------ received a telegram
from him saying he would dine with her the following evening ; she, however, was engaged to dine out. What was to be done? for the chance of meeting Parnell \vaa not to bo lightly thrown away. With a woman*K wife and resource «hc got over the diflieully by inviting her hostess to have the dinner party at her IUWHO. Parnell came. In the course of the evening Lady ~ naid : 1 We are very pleased to have you with UH, Mr. Purnell, but this is not the evening we asked you for.1 How in that?1 ho said. 'I wrote to you to the House of Commons inviting you for last Wednesday/ ' Ah! * he said, ' never write to me; always wire! to me/
An ox-Cabinet Mounter had invited him to dine, lie did not answer the letter, and he did not conic to dinner. A month later the ex-Minister met him in th« Lobby and reminded him of the Invitation, * J nowr got your letter/ said Darnell The ox-MiniKter mentioned the date. * I expect/ said Purnell, * it is lying on the table amongnt a heap of letters I have not yet opened/
A grant Liberal meeting was held at St. Jamon'A Hall Mr. Morley presided, Parnell was invited, ami ho accepted the invitation. The managers of tha meeting, however, did not feel auro of him. First, they thought it extremely doubtful that he would comix Secondly, they were a little uneaRy an to what ho would say if ho did come. All the other Irish member* could be relied on to           orthodox Liberal Bpeechen*
VOL, II.                                                                     N88. .                                   -powor to proclaim diftturbed dUtricta ant! dangerous aaRooia-tion». Tltii right of             ww given where the                 wai 0¥tw a