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178               CHAHLK8 BTEWAtlT  PABXKLL        [16B7-B8
But what Parnell might Bay no man could forecast. It was finally arranged that Mr, Morley should moot Parnell at a given point, Khould drive him to St Jamcn'tt Hall, and generally lako caro of him. They dined together, and then drove, to the mooting On the way Parnell suddenly thrust bin hand into bin coat pocket, and took out a little box wrapped in paper. Mr. Morley'n attention was diverted. He knew something about Parnoll'K KuperntitiouH, and probably HUR-poctud that thin wan a charm. Parnoll treated the box with great caro, unfolded the paper, opened it gingerly, and took out-—a flower, which ho immediately put in Inn buttonhole. By tho timo this operation wan tho                            at St.               Hall Mr.
•Morley and Parnell alighted. Tho Chief had not spoken a word about polities, nor indeed about anything ol«e, during tho drive,
11 was at the meeting/ says Mr. Frederic Harrison, 4 and sat next Parnoll. I was much «truck by bin appearance when ho wpoke. IIo had. one hand behind his back, which he kept cloning and opening gpaH-modically all the time. It was curious to watch the nigim of nervotiR excitement and tenniou which one saw looking from tho back, while in front ho ftlond like a Roldier on duty, frigid, impiiHBive, rcmohito— not a trace of nervou*me.HH or emotion. He did not scorn to care about putting hinwolf in touch with IUB audience. IIo caino to iay Bomething, and said it with apparent indifference to hi» BurrouudingB.' On leaving the hall a crowd closed around him, everyone to gat near, and many                  to           his
It was only by tha help of                      that
he                         from tha throng and led to a cai>
In whioh he drove away.ral Bpeechen*