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182               CHARLES STEWART PARXELL        [1887-88
In the spring of 1888 Mr. Edward Dwyer Gray, the managing director of the 'Freeman's Journal' Company, died. Parnell wrote to Mr. McCarthy:
Parnell to Mr. McCarthy
122 Cheyne Gardens, Chelsea Embankment: April 2, '88.
'MY DEAR MCCARTHY,—Your son tells me that if I call here to-morrow about five in the afternoon I shall have a chance of finding you in. Kindly, therefore, expect me at that hour, as I am anxious to see you about the position of managing directorship of the " Freeman's Journal," vacant by the death of poor Gray. You will have guessed that there is likely to be a very lively competition for the office and considerable difficulty in reconciling the various claims, as well as a total absence, so far, of any candidate who combines all the necessary qualifications.
' It is of the highest importance that the " Freeman " should continue to occupy the position—financial, political, and journalistic—it has hitherto held, and this cannot be expected unless a first-class man can be found to fill Gray's place.
' I have from the first been convinced that you are the man, and that if you will allow yourself to be brought forward you will be acceptable to all parties and be unanimously elected. Of course I do not know how the position would suit you personally, but pray do not dismiss the matter too hastily, but consider it carefully, until I have the opportunity of seeing you to-morrow.
' Yours very truly,
McCarthy did not allow himself to be 'brought                          ' CHARLES STEWART PARNELL.'n             in the House at the                moment/ quietly                   Parneil.