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/Ex, 41-42]          D1ULLING  A  MEMBER                       18^.
forward,' and the vacant place was ultimately filled by another.
Of course the Irish supported the Liberal candidates everywhere in those days. Upon one occasion an Irish member, ()., who had a personal qxiarrel over some business matters with a Liberal candidate, called at the Irish 'Press agency, Haw the gentlemen in charge of the department (whom I shall call A, and B. respectively), and said: * Pon't Bend any member to support K. (the Liberal candidate1) ; * the fellow in not worth it/
1 When/ Rayn II, * 0, loft, I said to my colleague : 111 think wo ought to tell this to the Chief. lie won't like to have the agency used for O.'H purposes." The next owning I told the Chief an we were walking up and down the corridor leading from the Lobby to the Library. Parnell turned round sharply, his eyes flashing with anger, and said : "When* is (..).?" "In the Lobby," 1 answered. l4 Send him to me at once." I went into the* Lobby and told (). that Parnell wan tod to nee him. Ho walked off with a light and jaunty stop. 1 could not nmlnt the temptation of watching the interview through the         door leading out of the
1 Parnell turned sharply on 0. as ho cama up. Then they walked up and down tho corridor, Parncll seemed to ho npeaking with much veheuumeis. His face wan as black tw thunder, and hi eyis gleamed with poKBum. I could o him stretching out his hand, douching Inn fist, and turning fiercely tin (.). Then ho shook his lunul, pointed to tho Library, and walked off to thci Lobby, leaving (). alone in the passage. 0. camo back to tho Lobby, no longer witli a light uud. jaunty stop*
(lod!ft Raid ho to ma, "just na\ what [A] *           the whip*   ' I              thedrove away.ral Bpeechen*