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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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/Ex. 41-42]              MIL  CECIL RHODES                           185
* I first saw Farnell in 1888.   I had closely followed the Homo llulc movement.    It struck mo in the light of local government.    I always, even when 1 was at Oxford, believed in the justice and wisdom of letting localities manage*, their own affairs.
'Moreover, 1 was interested in the Home Rule movement because I believed that Irish Home Kulo would lead to Imperial Home Kulo, I had met Mr. Swift McNoill at the Cape, and I explained my views to him. I furthermore said that 1 was prepared to back my opinion on Home Kulo substantially, which I did, for I Rtmt Parneli 10,00<M. for the Home Kulo cause,
*i canio to England in 1HHH, and saw Mr. Swift McNoill again, and ho made, arrangements fora meeting between myself and Parnell
* Wo met at the Westminster Palace. Hotel.    After some preliminary conversation, I'antoll said :
*" Why, Mr, KhotleH, do you take an in tores t in this question? What in Ireland to you? M
41 replied that my interest in Ireland wan an Impo-rial interest; that 1 believed Irish Homo Kulo would lead to Imperial Home Kulo,
1 ParnelL *'What practical proposal doyoumako? What can I do for you?11
* Ithode*. " I think that the* Irish members should bo retained in the Imperial Parliament; first, for their own sake, next with a view to Imperial Federation, which IB my question,
* " (1) If tho Irish mombors are oxcludtul, nothing will persuade tho English people! but that Homes Itnlo means neparation; that Homo Kulo in tho thin end of the wedge;  and that whan you gat it you will next set up a republic, or try to do so.   An long an the take/ provided his main purpose was not jeopardised, it may be inserted here:           the whip*   ' I              thedrove away.ral Bpeechen*