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186                CHARLES STEWART PARNELL        [1887-88
English people feel this, how can you expect to get Home Eule ? That is the political question as it affects you.
'" (2) Next there is the personal question, if you. like, which affects me. I want Imperial Federation. Home Eule with the Irish members in the Imperial Parliament will be the beginning of Imperial Federation. Home Eule with the Irish members excluded from the Imperial Parliament would lead nowhere, so far as my interests, which are Imperial interests, are concerned. Now do you see my point ? "
'Parnell. "Yes. I do not feel strongly on the question of the retention or the exclusion of the Irish members, but Mr. Gladstone does. The difficulty is not with me, but with him. He is strongly opposed to their retention. I have no objection to meeting English public opinion on that point if Mr. Gladstone would agree. Do you ask me for anything else ? "
'Bliodes. "Yes. I want a clause—a little clause— a permissive clause, in your next Bill, providing that any colony which contributes to Imperial defence—to the Imperial army or navy—shall be allowed to send representatives to the Imperial Parliament in proportion to its contributions to the Imperial revenue. Then I think the number of the Irish representatives should be cut down in proportion to Ireland's contribution to the Imperial revenue, so as to keep Ireland in line with the Colonies. I think that would be quite fair."
'Parnell. "I have no objection to your permissive clause, but I should not consent to the reduction of the number of the Irish members in the Imperial Parliament. It is only by our strength that we can make ourselves felt there, and if you were to cut us down to fifty or forty or thirty they would pay no attention tove away.ral Bpeechen*