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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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I,,               CHARLES STEWABT PARNELL         [1887-88
L.-i^ro  of             and,  further,   that  this   proposed
/,  >7>; ?« niaj have given some colour to the accusation fr »lv »*ia>fe             the Bill that it had a separatist
t, v4 j;Jt. I say this while strongly asserting and K mi'.I: that the measure itself was accepted by the Ir. L r* Lple              any afterthought of the kind, and
\,'t., *ui               desire to work it out with the same
-jj/.t with which it was offered—a spirit of cordial ^ » «h*i!i unil trust, a desire to let bygones be bygones, i.ju 1 a dettTiiiination to accept it as a final and satis-f k.t"ry *i-ttleinent of the long-standing dispute between Ch« at             and Ireland.
81 am very         that you consider the measure of
to   be  granted   to  Ireland   should   be
should give her complete control
t »t r tier         affairs without reservation, and I cordially
a^i\«L                 opinion that there should be effective
Nit             for the maintenance  of   Imperial   unity.
Y* fir c«               as to the only alternative for Home
I til!*-' ^                    my own, for I have long felt that
t:*1                      of   the   present   semi-constitutional
*j-te-:A; '^           impracticable.    But to return to the
*iU» ^ti n  of the retention of the  Irish members at
\VtaiLjinster.    My own views upon  the points  and
of the future, and the bearing of this subject
I'jwru tho                  Imperial federation—my own feel-
iiitr         the              is that if Mr. Gladstone includes
in liM                   Bale measure the provisions of such
we             cheerfully concur with him, and
and good faith, with the
of            our          in the Imperial partner-
iMf»   I             also that in the event I state this will
to tie case, ani that the Irish people will cheerfully
tilt           and responsibilities assigned to them.nt! dangerous aaRooia-tion». Tltii right of             ww given where the                 wai 0¥tw a