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^RT. 41-45?]              MIL  CKGIL KIIODES                            189
and will justly value the position given to them in the Imperial system. 1 am convinced that it would be the highest statesmanship on Mr. Gladstone's part to devise a feasihlo plan for the continued presence of the Irish members hero, and from my observation of public events and opinions since 1885 I am sure that Mr, Gladstone is fully alive to the importance of the matter, and that there can be no doubt that the next measure of autonomy for Ireland will contain the provisions which you rightly deem of such moment.
*lt doos not come BO much within my province to express a full opinion upon the larger question of Imperial federation, but i agree with you that the continued Irish representation at Westminster immensely facilitates such a step, while the. contrary provision in the Bill of 188(5 would have boon a bar. Undoubtedly this in a matter which should be dealt with in accordance largely with the opinion of the colonies themselves, and if they ttlumld dtwiro to nharo in tho cost of Imperial matter**, iw undoubtedly they now do in tho responsibility, and should cxprcBH a \viwh for representation at Westminster, I certainly think it should be accorded to them, and that public opinion in these ifdanclH would unanimouHly concur in the sary constitutional modifications.
1 1 am, dear air, yours truly, BTIWAKT
Boftidoft thin letter, btmidoH IUH relations with Mr.
IthodoR, Parnell           many proofs of las moderation
and roaRonabionoBB at thin time,
Ho did not, ho Baid, want an * artnod * police for Ireland. Ha would havo boon content with, mich a police            as                in the Kngliah town». If good faith, with the