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/Ex. 4l-4i>]    'KKMKMJIKU  MITOilELSTOWN ! >               193
alter them, that faith and honour forbade it. Then came the distress, then the evictions, then Bodyke, and then the Plan of Campaign/ Nor was Mr. Gladstone satisfied with a single reference to the subject. Speaking at a garden party at Hampstead on June 30, he referred to it again. 1 le said : * Do not suppose that I think the Plan of Campaign is a good thing in itself, or that 1 speak of it an such. 1 lament everything in the nature of machinery for governing a country outside the regular law of a country. But there are circumstances in which that machinery, though it may be an evil in itself—and it in an evil, because it lets loose many bad passions and given to bad men the power of playing themselves off as good men, and in a multitude of ways relaxes the ties and bonds that unite society—I say there are many circumstances in which it is an infinitely smaller civil to use thin machinery than to leave the people to perish.1
I will give another instance of the eagerness with which Mr, Gladstone took up every subject relating to Ireland, and of tho vigour with which lie treated it.
In September 1887 tho police dispersed a meeting
at MitcheUtown, firing on tho people, when one man
was killed and several were wounded.    ' A subsequent
and protracted  inquiry,* says the * Annual Begister,'
4 showed that tho police had acted in a most reckless
and, apparently unauthorised manner.   The coroner's
jury returned a verdict of wilful murder against the
county inspector and three constables.   But no steps
taken by the Executive to attach the blame to
any of its              and f< Itemember Mitchelstown 1 "
a political watchword which will long stir sad
memories/   Soon         the catastrophe Mr. Gladstone
a               to a                      using these words;
VOL, n.                                                       oonsibilities assigned to them.nt! dangerous aaRooia-tion». Tltii right of             ww given where the                 wai 0Ątw a