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-/Ex. 41-42]      PAKXELL  AND TOE  ' TIMES '               199
what a vile forgery ! " but not a bit of it. He put his finger on the B. of the signature, and said quite calmly, as if it were a matter of the utmost indifference: " I did not make an B. like that since 1878." " My God! " I thought, '* if this in the way he is going to deal with the letter in the House, there is not an Englishman who will not believe that he wrote it." '
On the same evening Tarnell dealt with the subject in the House thus:
4 Sir, when 1 first heard of this precious concoction —I heard of it before I saw it, because I do not take in or even read the " Times " usually—when I heard that a letter of thin description, bearing my signature, had been published in the " Times/* 1 supposed that some autograph of mine had fallen into the hands of person for whom it had not been intended, and that it had been made vine of in this way. I supposed that soma blank nheet containing my signature, such as many nuuubcrK who are tutked for their signatures frequently Bund*- I nuppomul that such a blank sheet had fallen into hancln for which it had not been intended, and that it had been misused in this fashion, or that something of thi» kind had happened. But when 1 saw what purported to be my signature, I saw plainly that it was an audaciouR and unblushing fabrication. Why, sir, many members of this House have seen my signature,          if they will compare it with what
purports to bo my signature in the "Times" of this morning they will sea there are only two letters in the whole           which boar any resemblance to letters in
my own                 m I write it.   I cannot understand
how the                 of a responsible and what used to
be a                   journal could have been  so hood-
winked, so hoaxed, so bamboozled—and that is the mosthese words;