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SCO                  UUAULKS  STKXVAKT  1MUXKLL               [1888
charitable interpretation whicli I can place on it—an to publish such a product ion U8 that as my signature, my writing. HH whole character in entirely different. I unfortunately write a very cramped hand, my letters huddle into each other, and i write with great difficulty and Klownetm. It is, in fact, a labour and a toil for ma to write anything at all, ^l^ the signature in cjuontimi is written by a ready penman, who ban evidently covered as many leagues of letter-paper in Inn life as 1 have yard«. Of course* thin in not the time, an 1 havo said, to enter into full details and nri-ntttite as to comparisons of handwriting, but if the !louse could HOO my
the forged, fabricated signature they would see that,            an             two letters, the whole signature
no                      to mine.    Tim            remurk
applies to the letter, The letter does not purport to bo in my handwriting. We art* not informed who hat* written It* It is not even alleged that it WUH written by anyone who wan ever atmocJated with me. The name of tttn anonytnouH letter-writer is not nu^ntitmed. I do not know who he can be. The writing is Mtrango to mo* I think I fttumld innuit my«elf if I staid—I think, however, that I perhaps ought to say it in order that my
denial may be full and complete-......        I certainly never
heard of the letter. I never directed nuch a letter to be written. I never such a letter            I it
In the " Times." The tmbject-matter of tlm letter is                      on the                 The phraseology of
It ii                             as any                   that could
be attributed to me could              bo.   In           part
of it it                                                         of
of                                  of                                  are
to a pretty         in this country when ft
of a party of eighty-six                has to           up at   ww given where the                 wai 0Ątw a