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LHtt                   CHAULKS BTEWAHT PAHXKU,                [1888
O'harles RuHHt*H (ncnv Lord KuKKclI of Killowon, Lord Chiof tluHtice of England) trading for I'arm<lh
I'arnell concentrated all hit* attention on tho facsimile letter. The general charges againnt the League were, in hit* opinion, ancitmt history, scarcely worth cliKouBHingv and certainly not worth the lawyotti1 which had to bo paid for dealing with them. * If/ ho argued, * we can prow the letter to bo a forgery, everything will go by tliii board. If wo cannot prove it to Iw a forgery, then, no matter what may be the finding of the ComuiittBion on the general imme, we shall           condemned. We munt put the man who
letter into the box and wring the truth him.   Our victory will then bo complete.*
during the whole                of the          ha
thought of the facsimile! letter and of little t»l»t\l    I fthnll now tell the story of that remarkable document.
In May 1885 a UmomHt                       -the Irish
Loyal and Patriotic Union- -\va« formed in Dublin. The coxnmittee contuHtod of           o! the          dintin-
guiHhod * LoyalintH * in tho country.   A jiMing jciurniilist, Mr, JaznoB Caulflold HouHton,        appointed necretary.
The object** of the Irinh Ijoyal and Patriotic Union were, in bricsf, to destroy tlia                           and to
tho Kmpira In this work Mr* Houston-— acting upon hie own rospomiibility, he UH»—anliuted tho              of Mr. Kichard Pigott, of 11 Sandy Covo
Avonae» Kingstown» Dublin.
ll)ickl Pigott, or           of him.     He was
of the * Irishman*                    but
out by Paniell.                                      he
* Hi ftttaohtd little importancft to the                         * The whole
lie said, * Is the faattlmil©                                 of