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/Ex. 42]                      HICHAM) PIGOTT                            203
for valuable consideration to swear away the life of every honest man in the land. Most people shunned him as a moral leper whose very touch was contamination. There is something almost pathetic in the ruffian's account of himself in a letter written to Mr. Forster in 1882, when that gentleman held the office of Irinh Secretary.
11 am within measurable distance of actual destitution. I have, nought the humblest situations, but all in vain; no one will have anything to do with me/ Biehard Pigott seldom told the truth. This was the truth.
In 1881 ho linked Mr, Forster to subsidise his newspaper in the ititereHts of the Government. In the very name year ha asked Mr, Patrick Kgan, the treasurer of the Land League, to give him financial support in the interest of the National cause.
On Juno 2, 1881, ho wound up a long and loyal letter to the Irish Heerotary, showing how he had always denounced tho Land League, with this practical proposal;
1 To couio to particulars, a sum of 1,5002. would get me out of debt. I could manage with 1,0002. for the
present, if I could compromise with some of my creditors. If tho Government will lot me have an advance
of either sum I will be for ever after the most obedient and, I trunt, valuable servant,*
On Juno 5 Mr. Forater sent a sympathetic reply,
refusing tho nuimkly, but commending Richard for his 1 patriotism *:
4 For months past 1 have noted the tone of the leadara in your             and what you say with regard
to them in no more than the truth,    I think they have              but