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SKW                CHAULKS  STKW.UtT  PAILYELL              [1888
e excellent pcrsonagoH supplied * Dick ' Pigott
with a guinea a day and hotel and travelling expenses while he scoured Kurope and America in ttoareh of documentary evidence to hang Parnell, or at least Bend him into penal servitude.
In March 1880 Pigott reported progress to Hounton. lie had found the documentary evidence lettere Higm'd by Parnoll, leitern written and Higmui hy Kgan. They wen* at that moment in Parwt in a * black bag/ where they had been left probably by Frank Byrne or 4 by a man named Kelly, who wan Hupponed to have purelniKed the Phu»ni\ Park knivtw/
Pigott gavt* Houston copies of theno compromising tltwumtmts, eleven lrttt*rs in all, five of Pornell'H and six of Kgan*H, Aimmtf thin precious collection th« facniiiuh* lett«*r, Hiiflieient in it«elf to annihilate Panic!! and Panu*lliHiu. Towards the end of April Houston culled on Mr. Buckle, the editor of tha * Times/ and told him the good newn. Mr. 'Buckle, however, Haiti he would have nothing to do with tha
In June Mr. Houston came back to Mr. Buckles
and tempted htm onnt more to enter into the plot for the (Itmtruction of the Irish loader. But Mr, Buckla again said * No/ In July Pigott went to .Paris to gat the letters, whither he wan HMM followed by HouRton, accompanied by another dtHtinguiwhecl Unionist, Dr. Maguirw, Follow of Trinity College, Dublin, Pigott, who
to Itiwe bean revolting in luxury »               at tha
HAtel Hainl»lV*torHbour^ Mr. 1 lounton and Dr. put tip at thti I I6t<4 d(*H 1 >t»ux MondiiH.   To tho Ildtol
IrfomleM Pigott catui) mysteriously on© night
1                C7tiw»il»il<w, CJ« 4!>,^!W,   Mr. Bucklt did,
Mr. Mftdl0tiftktv Hit               of Hi*- Ti»m.ading him to undertake the work.'   Ibid., Q. 50,243.                  of