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/E-r. 42]         MR.  LABOUCIIERE AND PIGOTT               211
tion on the facsimile letter.    His one  thought was: ' Who has done this thing ?    How can we find him
out ?'
How did Farnell get on the track of Pigott ? ' I asked Mr. Harrington. 'Pat Egan/ he answered. * The "Times" published a letter purporting to have been written by Egan. In that letter the word "hesitancy" was spelt with an "e," "hesitency." Egan had in his possession letters of Pigott in which the word was spelt in exactly the same way. This aroused his suspicions, and he at once wrote to us: "Dick Pigott is the forger." Knowing Dick's character, we all shared Egan's suspicions except Parnoll himself/l
Egan's suspicions were communicated to PamoH's solicitor, Mr. (now Sir Goorgo) Lewis, * My first act/ says Sir George, * on receiving Parnell's instructions to act for him was to servo a subpcrna on .Pigott. Ilo was hi Paris at the time, but we watched him until his return to this country, and my clerk served him with the Kubpoma as he was walking up and down the platform at Euston on his way to Ireland/
The subpoena was served in September, On the 14th an agent employed by Mr. Labouchere* (who had resolved to enter the lists as a free lance) called on Figott at Kingstown. Would he, so the agent asked, come to London to meat a man from America who wished to aee him on important business ? The
1 Farnell suspected another man, whoso name need not bo mentioned, an the suspicion waĞ quite* unfounded.
*J Soon after the appointment of the Commission an American Land Leaguer brought a packet of letters front Kgan to Mr. Labouohero, which the latter gave Mr. Lewis. This man want subsequently to Ireland to ğeo Pigott, and with the help of a confederate induced Pigott to come to London and nm Mr. Laboucnero.ection with Irish politics generally.