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/Ex. 43]         PIGOTT  IN  THE WITNESS-BOX                213
Yet before he had been an hoxir under the * harrow' it was impossible not to pity the doomed wretch. I can well recall his appearance now, as the net was drawn closer and closer around him: the beads of perspiration standing out on his forehead and rolling down his face, the swollen veins, the short rapid breathing, the expression of misery and ruin which overshadowed his countenance, as all hope died away and the iron grip of the merciless advocate tightened round his throat. The fact was wrung from him that on March 4, 1887, three days before the appearance of the first article on 1 Parnellism and Grime/ he wrote to Dr. Walsh, Archbishop of Dublin, telling his Grace that i certain proceedings are in preparation with the object of destroying the influence of the Parnellite party in .Parliament/ Certain statements were to bo published purporting to prove the complicity of Mr. Parnell himself and some of his supporters with murder and outrage in Ireland, to be followed by the institution of criminal proceedings against those parties by tho Government.
1 Your Grace may be assured that 1 speak with full
knowledge, and am in a position to prove, beyond all doubt and question, the truth of what I say. And I will further assure your Grace that I am also able to point out how the designs may bo successfully combated and finally met. ... I can exhibit proof B, and suggest how the coming blow may be finally met. . . . 1 need hardly say that did I consider the parties really guilty of the things charged against them I should not dream of suggesting that your Grace shoxild take any part in an effort to shield them ; I only wish to impress on your Grace that the evidence in apparentlyy^ with, I am afraid, a joyous feeling, for I wished to see Pigott —whose history was not unknown to me—pilloried. (Annual Register* p. 144).to a pretty         in this country when ft