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SH4               CHAIU.KS  STKWAUT  PAltXKLL                 p18
convincing, and would probably bo sufficient to sec conviction if submitted to an Kngiish jury/    Arxain i wrote :   * I wan somi'what disappointed in not ha vine-had a linn from your (.tract), m I ventured to expect I might have* Innm HO far honoured.    I can assure   vour Grace that I  had lui other motive in writing  save to avert, if ponsiblo, u Kraut danger to pooplo with  whom your (lnu*e in known to lw in strong nympathy.   .         T
have had no part in what ban Iwm done to tho preiudice of tho .Parnullite party, though I tmttblecl to become acquainted with all tho detail**/
Hir ('barton rubbed every Hentotico of these letters into the bewildered                  'What do you say to
that?1 ho
Piffott. *That              to me clearly that I had not
the letters in my mind.*
Sir Charles. * Then if it appearH to you clearly that you had not tho lotterR in your iiuucl, what had you in your mind?1
'It must have been Komethin^ fur moro Horious *
'What WUH it?1
'I cannot tell yon,    I have no idea/
* It must have been something far moro nerious than tho letters ? *
* Far more neriottK/
*Can  you give  my Lord  any  duo  of tho   most-indirect kind to what it wan? * *1 cannot/ 1 Or from whom you heard it? *
* No/
1 Or when you heard it f * 1 Or when I beard it/ 1 Or           you           it ? *finally met. ... I can exhibit proof B, and suggest how the coming blow may be finally met. . . . 1 need hardly say that did I consider the parties really guilty of the things charged against them I should not dream of suggesting that your Grace shoxild take any part in an effort to shield them ; I only wish to impress on your Grace that the evidence in apparentlyy^ with, I am afraid, a joyous feeling, for I wished to see Pigott —whose history was not unknown to me—pilloried. (Annual Register* p. 144).to a pretty         in this country when ft