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MT. 43]                  FLIGHT OF PIGOTT                          215
' Or where I heard it/
' Have you ever mentioned this fearful matter, whatever it is, to anybody ? '
'No. I was under the impression/ exclaimed the unhappy man in an agony of despair, 'that I had received back all my letters to Archbishop Walsh/
On Friday, February 22, the cross-examination was resumed but not concluded. When Pigott left the box that afternoon, Parnell, near whom I was standing, remarked, ' That man will not come into the box again/ Then, turning to Mr. Lewis, he said : ' Mr. Lewi$, lot that man be watched. If you do not keep your eye on him you will find that he will leave the country/ 'It is little matter to us now, Mr. Parnell,' replied the lawyer, * whether he stays or goes/
On its rising the court adjourned until Tuesday, February 120. On that morning when the judges took their places Pigott was called. There, was no answer.
President. ' Where in the witness ? *
Attorney-General. * My Lords, as far as 1 know, 1 have no knowledge whatever of the witness, but 1 am informed that Mr. Soames has sent to his hotel, and ha has not been there since eleven o'clock last night/
Sir Charles RusselL 'If there is any delay in his appearance, I ask your lordship to issue a warrant for his apprehension, and to issue it immediately/
It was decided that no steps should be taken until the morrow, when perhaps some light might be thrown on this new development.
' Parnell and I/ says Mr. Harrington, 4 went to Scotland Yard to ask if anything had been hoard of Pigott. Parnell carried a black bag. Mr, Williamson of suggesting that your Grace shoxild take any part in an effort to shield them ; I only wish to impress on your Grace that the evidence in apparentlyy^ with, I am afraid, a joyous feeling, for I wished to see Pigott —whose history was not unknown to me—pilloried. (Annual Register* p. 144).to a pretty         in this country when ft