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-IB                CUAULKS STKWAUT  PAENKLL             [1880
ju'titewled not to know us. 4I Mr* Williamson/1 said the Chief, ** there in no need of mystery between you and me; I have often seen you following me/1 Wo left Scotland Yard and walked tit tho HOUHC. Suddenly I'anu'll discovered he1 hud left bin black bag behind, 41 Ah," In* Haiti, " they will think they have got a great find. Hut all they will nee in the bag in a pair of dry fiockn and a pair of boats." *
On the morrow the Attorney-General informed the court that a document in l*igott'« handwriting had IttMtn received from PariH. A cloned envelope.) adclrcBKcd to cute of the * Tiitie« *              in tho                  then
hatuUui to Mr, Cunynghaitus tho Hocratary to tlici ConutUHHion, The envelope contained a coniesiioii of guilt,            down by Mr, Labouchero in tho
of Mr, O. A, Kala, and nigncul by l^igott on February 23 * at Mr. Lrabouchcre'H hounc. I will quote only one passage from this eoitfeBwon :
1 Letters. Tho circumstanct^s connccte<l with tho obtaining of the letters, an I gave in evidence, are not true, No one, save myself, was concerned in the transaction. I told Mr. Houston that I had discovered the letters in Paris, hut I grieve to have to ctwfesH that I Himply fithric.atrd them, using genuine Uittern of MeHHt'H. Paraell and Kgan in copying certain words, phrases, and gene»ral character of the handwriting. I traced ttome words and phrantm by putting the genuine letters tho window placing tho            on which 1
wrote over it. These gtmutno letters were the letters from Mr. Pttrtiell,            of which          been read in
1 On                morning, February 39,                     0! lili 0wn
011 Mr.                                he              to            A full                      Mr,
f^r iff.         who l!?ecl         bj, tti              thennual Register* p. 144).to a pretty         in this country when ft