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t?W                IIIAIILEH HTKWAUT !>Ai(NKU<
*J4 lHHt>: Katon I'ltce*
4 A very exciting win'k. I spent Thursday and Friday, *Jlst and ihind, at tin* Parnell Commission, hearing Pigott examined and coming in for the whole
cif hw cross-examination  by Sir C. Kussrll.    There
wns only out* and a quarter Imurn of thin on Thursday
afteriicitKii, but it        tho turn of the title.    It wan the
exciting             I c*vtir i4|miit    In ttiti and wo
eiiinit away nimply aHtoninhcul that a fellow-creature
could In*          a liar an Pxgott.    It        very funny, too ;
but I oould not htlp thinking of ilreky Hhnrp* " It*a
ii i*any to be virttumn on At(H)U/. a year ; ** and to see
old limit KtiuuliiiK then% with ovt'rybody'H hand
hint, driven into a corner at hint, after all hin
tunm and twittta,        Hoincwluit pathetic.
*0f courms it i a tn^uondoim triumph for the Hcmm Kulern. I am a Unionist, and 1 feel thin in a blow for Unionism,*
* 'Mill Kiibrunry.
* There will he a f^tval feeling that Mr. Parnell han l>een the victitn of a conspiracy, as in the case of the letters he certainly ban ; and pooplo won't stop to ask which facts are affected by the 1'igott revelations.'
* Hundayt *tl Murch, tssy : Tendon.
4 Another            of                     about Pigott.    On
the                                          and it        found
he hal                           the "Times" to withdraw the
and to          what IB          an "apology/1 . . /
Om              19 Parnell dined at Mr.                  and
Mr*                             Buxton            :
Dr. Magnire, who had been summoned to give evidence for the