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/Ei. 43]        THE  ' TIMES' AND SHERIDAN                221
blind.   The next telegram meant business, and was in cypher:
'19th November, '88, Pueblo, Colo. 1 To Assert, London :
'Message yesterday intended to mislead operators and others. Have been with Sheridan three days. He will give whole history of Land Leagxte that will convict if 1 buy his two ranches and 3,000 sheep, price 25,0001. Beply Chicago, Monday, Mohawk.'
It must be confessed that Sheridan put a very high price on the value of his services—25,000^., which, no doubt, he regarded as a mere flyblow to the ' Times.'
The * Times * did not reply immediately.
On December 11 Mr. Kirby wanted money, and he wired to Mr. HoaweH :
* Chicago : llth Ikuunuber, '88.
* Cable two hundred poundH.    Must return.1 Next day Mr, SoaiucK wired;
*12th December; London,
1 To Kirby, Mohawk, Chicago:
1 Court adjourns for five weeks. Come homo at one©. I must discuss matters personally with you. Money sent to Brown Brothers, New York. Eeply when sail—AssBRT.1
The next telegram is also from Mr, Soainos :
124 Dooombor, '88: London.
1 To Kirby, Chicago :
* Never allow draft to bo drawn on me.    Cannot accept yours.    Have cabled two hundred and fifty, Bank of Montreal   When will you sail ?—ASSERT/
Kirby then returned to London, but set tfdt tor, in from Kirby to Mr,               and an follows: