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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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223                CHAttLRS STKWAUT J'AUNKU,              [1H8»
America again in the Hiring of IHH9.    On April 11 ho wired to Mr. SOIUWH :
* anl April,'HO: J'Hinlilii, *To Assert, London :
* Sheridan   has  wired  to meet   him   Monteviwta, Tiumday morning.   Leave to-night,   (.'able to-morrow
Not in cypher,
In this next telegram  Kirby beeomes (Vsurtan in
Ins language,
* 4th April, W : AUtum^i,
4 To Assert, London:
1 Vsnit   Vidi,   Vici*    Will cabin  early  to-morrow
Pueblo.   Batumi rig thore.—TAX.'
On tho morrow ha cabled dramatically:
*5 April, 'nil    rutthltt,
* To Assort, London :
* Sheridan met  mis yesterday,   train   Monlevmta; drove to ranch , . J; said his ofter to go to London and give evidence for *JtO,000/, eaustut Clan-na-tlael to ftontenco him to death.    Two parties of the Clan went ordered to carry out ftentenco of  tho Kxeeutiw.    A member warned him.    Ilia lifo m stnight;  licncu ho threatens ho will now go to London  and provo tho "Timoa" jtiBlification.    His life m in hourly joopartly here, two men have been on his truck, and ho has become               and detorminetl to bo                  Ho
to his            and price, but               immodiato
action, as his death has                      "Ho will go with
me after twelfth if ha is not killed,                    tho
"Times/* but                         of                       at my
command.                      10,0001.,           Is to go to hii
1 I omit words iht              of         Is not       a                     gontlezuan^.