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/ET. 48]         THE ' TIMES' AND SHERIDAN                 21>3
family If he is killed before his evidence is given; papers for ranch and stock to be completed; the balance to be paid to order after Commission justifies the " Times.'* He has all documents to implicate Parnell, Dillon, and others. lie is desperate and determined. Ho showed me documents connecting Parnell and Dillon with himself. If you want me to take him over, you must amend your evidence in court after reading my report as to his refusing any sum to go over to make his life more safe here. If I am to carry it through, place the net amount named to my credit Montreal Bank, Chicago, 50(M. more for contingencies, and I will have it transferred on notice. If you don't accept ho will leave at once for fresh clime, to save his life, it ho can. Ho will on the stand and otherwise prove the Parnell letter, and IHH and others' complicity. Direct reply here to-morrow, Saturday, Colonel Springs.......-TAX/
On April 5 the <4 Timeslf replied :
4 To Tax, Puoblo :
1 Cannot make out part of cable as to terms he
wants.   Repeat,'
Then the telegrams run on :
1 Kirby to Soamea
* 23 April.
1 Immediate reply most important/ * Bournes to Kirby
1 2nd May.
* Am sending you by Saturday's mail.    Cable name
you use and address.*
me after twelfth if ha is not killed,                    tho