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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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t'HAKLKK 8TEWAIIT PAllNELL            [1880
to Kirby
« June 10.
4 Has ho HatiHfie'e! you as to value of hit-t ovidemee and e*x internet of etonfmnatory deiettments ? Keply and I will then cablo definitely. you oatiafied ho in acting
will go on hoard with you ? *
4 Kirby to
* 90th JUM.
* Batt»l!tHl ha will go, at eletcrmined to rovongc those wlin orelennl  hi« de^ath.     IJt^ltave  Im                   full temtimony/
*              In Kirby [part in cypher]
*         Ittftt, *§§ ; Ijoaian,
* Do not               in his             to bolt, nor can wo
entirely in hi» hands.   If         so between leafing and ship, it Is all tho more) nm^i-tsary hi! should not have documents on him.   If hei will Hhow you documentR, you are satisfuul of   thcilr value as evidence, and he will hand them over when made and mcmay paid, you may diapause with written HtatememtB till he in cm »hip.    If he will not            to
thin it uu^anB he* intone!** to Ball us.   Too         to me>ne)y to-day.   lies            no              why he              tlo
n« aftkot!.9
1 Ktrby to
* s July, »st.
in                 until            away,
can and will                       to
Won't mil 11% as ha             to go and
him*                      me
in        and haa                  as to             and
Wonft go into           till on            tho