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JEx. 43]         THE  ' TIMES' AND SHERIDAN < Soames to Kirby
<2 July, '89.
'He must satisfy you that he has a number of docximents genuine and of value. For all we know, those shown in bulk may be of no importance whatever. His danger is all the more reason why he should satisfy us if he means to go straight. Money deposited and ready to be cabled at moment's notice.'
' Kirby to Soames
< 10th July, '80.
' Have only his word that documents in bundle are from members and leaders, implicating all with League and outrage. Won't show mo documents till on ship, as his name got in Press before. Think go straight to secure family, as home broken up ; life in danger, and wants revenge ou leaders who condemn him. But for that would not split/
Those telegrams, as I have said, fell into the hands of the Nationalists. An agent was sent at once to New York to see Sheridan. The agent arrived late one night on the ranch, having ridden I know not how many miles on horseback from the nearest railway station. He found Sheridan and Kirby discussing the 1 Times * and the Special Commission over a bottle of whisky. He called Sheridan aside. ' What's all this about ? * he asked. * The wires have been tapped, we know everything. What's your game ? ' ' What's my game?1 said Sheridan. 'Why, I want the "Times" to buy my ranch and give me 25,000?. If I get the money, the cl Times " may whistle for my evidence. I have nothing to say, and nothing to give/
The audacity of the proposal sent the agent into a
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