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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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220                  CHARLKS STKWAttT  PAUXKI.I,               (18411
roar of laughter, ami Sheridan joined in the inorriinont. The former wan away U'tinteH in Ilit* morning;, and h\ a few days I*nrw«ll,              in th*» Commismon court,
learned that Sheridan                     Mr, Snamcx,
•Once hit, twin* shy;* the 'Timea' had had Its Ionium. It did not huy Mr, Sheridan"* ranch, that gentleman did not            to l*«»ndon, and he In, HO fur
as I know, Htill                  a                 life in th« Fur
On Tuenday, April M »f I*nrn*'ll him^etf went into the, hox. lit! was stthjeeted tti a I*»ii{* weari^>ttm croHH»examinationt in tin* miira^ t»f whu*h lie mode hut one Hlip -though a t*titj»i«t and tut.uvonutahlct nltp. Ho Haid that, with tin* ohjeet «»f uusl«-Aiiin;« tin* HOUHO of ('ammonH, hi* lm«t             tin «Iastttary 7V lHHIt that
Hecrct Htu*it*tieH had then ee.t^r*! t«» r\t4 in Ireland. It turntul tmt, tin referener tti * Itnii^irit/ that I Darnell cm UUK oeea«ii>n wa*» referring           t«» tin* Hihhon
Soci^tiert, and that hi»< nt-itemrut win tnt**.1 Xuxt morning I «at hy hint lit eoitit wh^n the ttuitter WMH put rijjht. * Why did y«u wiy it '.* * I »sk«*d. * Well/ ho answered quite eoolly* * I UHH m*t »ii had IH 1 thuu^ht. It turns out after all that I wn»* tiot niiHlnttliii^ tltn Hmme. I Kaicl wltiit true/
*1 went/           Mn*. Kydney Httxtott, ' to hi»ar Mr,
Parnoll exiuniiu»d heforo tin* CNaiiftiis^ion. I din-in Mr, i*arm*ll in tutu             1 thought
* Ai to th«                             critit>* wiw               l*y
in tvntftKuniHitt to ilii* l*»iinl firftipi**, lit, t^riM-it, tin Jmtiiwrt f» MtatiHl In tiiii Hoitw wf Cmitm*m't         *f»t*n4 sn«t»4i«4 liml tfit*fi
to            In Irrl&ntl*   Mr* i*ii«n4l wm                           t**
ioeitit!i» othi*r than tlml til Ilit* F«*                     anil in mtr
Mr* ikarnftll wn» nucttirali* wlitut 1m Ctmim(M^>i» p. §7*eighty-six                has to           up at   ww given where the                 wai 0¥tw a