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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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SK)                CHAttLKrt 8TKWAKT PAHNKLL             [1889
sentation   having   been   taken  away from  her - -and would do justice to  her people  notwithstanding tho complaints of Irish landlordism*    Huch a man might In* found who, on tho ono hand, would opposa a atom front to tht1 inciter** of revolution or outrage, and on tho other hand would check tho exorbitant demands of the governing clanneH in that country, and jterhaps tho rcHult might bo KumwHful.    But it would have to be a method tmUido tho constitution, both on tho one side and on tho other.    Your Irinh Governor would have to have full  power to check tho evil-doer, whether tho evil-doer wero a lord or a peasant; whether tho malefactor Imtktd from We»tmiti«ti*r or Now  York, tho power   should   Im equally oxtwituid and   constantly maintained.    In that wnyf pi*rh$ip«f a» I Imvo »&idf you might govern Ireland for n BC^ISOIL   That, in my judgment, from tho first timo when I entered political life, appoartul to mo to be tho only alternative to tho concession  to  Ireland  of full  power over her   own domestic intoroHtH and bur future.    In ono way only, I also- «aw, could tho power and influence of a constitutional party bo bandod together within tho limits of tho law ; by acting on UIOHO principIoH laid clown by Lucas and (iavan DufTy in 1H5*2, that thcty should hold thomsclvoH aloof from all Knglish polittciil purtkm and cotnbiniitiottH, that thtiy Hhould rofuso piaco and oflicu for tliouiBolvoR or for tlieir friondH or thoir rolationH, that  the  Irish coiiRtituancioH should rofuRO  to any                  who           a   traitor   to   those
In July Parnoll                          with tho freedom
of the city of Edinburgh, and             what Fomatm
a f                                       f                  Ho said;
1 In what way could Ireland, gupposing nho wtHhod to      anil in mtr