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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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saa              <*UAU!.Ks STKWAUT I'AKNKI.L
PanielL * What do they find about me, an regards crime ? *
Mr. Cunynyham?, * Practically aromplttto acquittal on all crime for you ; 1'hti'nix Park murders ami the nwt/
IViiwIf, * What about boycotting ?'
Mr. Cunynghame, * TItt»y givtt it an hut us they can to you on that.'
JfVirw//. ' And lu»\v about xuparation ? What do ttit»y Kay about ntti ? *
llr, CuHnnghtune. 'That n«> emu on oarth can sny what your viuwH          and 1 think it is not fat
« What            Dttvitt ? '
Iff,                          * Tliciy           it  to him pretty
woll»            that        nay ho denounced criniu liontmtly.
You will bo in opponition to him          day.'
Purncll. *I am not in opptmition to him* (vary quickly),
ATr. CunynghttM?* * Ah! but I meant if a chango tcHik place/
Parnell. * Oh, in a Homo Hulo l^arliamont that in possible, but lie will find Ireland a very bad placofor tMlvotmtitig Hoc'ialiHtk*. Hclu*meK/
Mr. Cunynglwme. * Yiw; that i» mfltiit I moant."
Parnell, * What about tlio otliorn ? *
Afr. Cunynghanw. * Thoy find             othorn guilty
of               tho                  with ti viow to miparation, but
tho Land               movomont         not nocotmarily
involve boing a                                movamont*   A» to
nay        no ono plotted itt but that inflammatory                and action** worn coutinuacl notwith-tho             of them in producing crimo woro known/of the inhabitants, the question submitted being: * Do you wiwh Mr. Parnell to receive the honour of the freedom of the city of Edinburgh ? ' 21,014 rtplles were received, of which 17,813 were in the negative and 8,201 in the affirmative. Thug Parnell received the freedom of the* city, though according to the plebiscite there was a majority of the citi/.etm againttt it.—4nni*aJ Regbtcr, 18H9, p.      anil in mtr