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238                CHAULK.S 8TKWAUT PAENKLL             [1890
to PitnutlL What do you think would make us give him up?* In justice to this member I mu«t say ho did fitick to Varnoll to the ond.
Some woek» later 1 mot a diHtinguinhcd member of the Liberal party. lie oaid: 'What will happen if tho divv>rco proceotliiiK« end, which in not unlikely, unfavourably to Parnoll ? ' I replied: * I fancy tho Trinh mombere will Btick to him whatever happens, howovor it ondt*/ Ho said : * Y«», that in likely ; but \vhatwill tho IriBh people do?* I replied: 'Qh, tho Irish people will stand by him if there IB no division among the momborfi, you may be quite mire of that/ Ho said: * I think that IB likely enough/ * Hut,* ho added, * what will the Church do f There is tho difficulty/ 1 : * Y«»H, if the! people stand by Parnoll I think the Church will bti pluml in a very difficult position. Tho bishop may find themBcIvcB obligod to withdraw for a time from the movement. That, I think, would bo a preferable count**, and a inoro likely courKO, than to fight the pooph*/ * Well/ my friond ropliod, * it may be BO. I do not know; but there will be many diflicultioB in the cams' I then imid: * What will you do?* * Jf you moan mo perritmally/ ho an-nwered,41 will Ao nothing. It           not concorn mo/
I said: * What will tho Liberal party do ?' Ho ; ' 1 do not n»ally ww what affair it is of the Liboral party. It i» a matter for you Irish/ 'Woll, thon,1 I replied, fif that ba »of if yon do nothing on this side, PartwU in             And HO our talk
On Saturday,                 15, the                    There
no              and on Monday tho 17th the court
a                 for the                 of
Mrs. O'Shea.t turns out badly ?' He answered : * What will we do ? Why, of course stickthere was a majority of the citi/.etm againttt it.—4nni*aJ Regbtcr, 18H9, p.      anil in mtr