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JBfs. 44]                 THE  IRISH MEMBERS                          239
It is needless to say that the Tory leaders and the Tory Press, still wincing under the Pigott exposS, eagerly seized the new weapon so opportunely placed in their hands for the destruction of the man whom they hated and foarod. The * Times ' was now to have its rovongo.
But how was the news received in Irish and Liberal political circles ?
I shall let Irish and Liberal politicians themselves answer this question.
On Tuesday, November 18, there was a meeting of the National League in Dublin. Mr. John Eedmond presided ; he wan supported by Mr. Swift MacNeill, M.P., Mr. Donal Sullivan, M.P., Mr. Leahy, M.P., Mr. Clancy, MVP., Mr. Leamy, M.P., Mr. W. Bedmond, M.P., Dr. Kttnny, M.P., and other prominent politicians. A resolution pledging the mooting to stand by Parnell, despite tho proctuulings in the Divorce Court, was corruul by acclamation. Mr. Hwift MacNeill and Mr. Donal Sullivan gave expression to the general opinion in the following words ;
Mr, Swift MacNeill; < The first thing I desire to say is to express from the depths of my heart my unswerving affection and allegiance to Mr. Parnell. God forbid that he who led us in time of difficulty should bo deserted by us in cloudy and dark days. I esteemed it as a great honour and privilege to stand beside Mr. Parnoll when he made his first speech, fifteen or sixteen years ago, and I know no higher honour than to stand by Mr. Parnell when he makes his first speech in tho Parliament in College Green/
Mr. Donal Sullivan: *I cannot allow the opportunity to pass without expressing iny confidence in tho leader of the Irish parliamentary party, I havehe                 of