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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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SMO               CUAKl.KS  STKWAUT   FAUXELL             [1890
recently wine front a visit to uty constituents in County Westmeath, and I can say that both in the north and south of the county the desire of the people in that, come weal or woe, a* long as I. have the honour to represent \\V*twittith» I shall fight by the side of our great lender, and shall never fuller in bin ranks.*
On the          day llie following paragraph appeared
iti the London letter of the * Freeman's JtitirnaL*
11, have direct authority for             that Mr. Punie'll
has* not the it*tuotest intention of abandoning, uittuir jHirinaiuuttly or temporarily, bis position or bin dutitm an leader of tin* Irit4li parliamentary party* Thin may bo implicitly attcepu*d as Mr, ParnelPs firm resohitiot^and porhapH by Itiamiug it in time tht* .Vigottist Press may bi!            tint humiliation of indulging in n prolonged
outburst of               vilification.     In  arriving  at thin
tUttormmutinn, 1 luml not wiy that Mr. 1*111111*11 in luittuitifd csxchwivrly by a           of his roHpmwibility to
tliii Irish pt!tipliif by whosu                lit* Itolds liis public
t, t«i«l who iil«nit* bavn tin* power or tin* right to u) hi» public nctipii, Tint wild, uiiHcruimIouttf mid tUHtncoro shruikings of tin? I^gotttsts mi thtt platform ami in the Press can and will do nothing to altur Mr, Parnell's resolve.*
On WwlnoHclay, tlw UHh.Mr. T. P. O'Connor, M.P.,
Mr, William O'Brien, M.!\vamlMr, John Dilhrn, M,P.
(who hod            tiniii                                      with Mr,
Ilarrington and  Mr,  T,  1),                  to                  an
to                      for tho                              worn
all                                           tlmir tin-
to tho Chief. Mr* r. P. O'Connor. *It Is tm tho
all Mr,                is thet.—4nni*aJ Regbtcr, 18H9, p.      anil in mtr