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JET, 44]       THE  LEINSTER HALL MEETING               243
the following cable from the American delegates was read.
* We stand firmly by the leadership of the man who has brought the  Irish   people through  unparalleled difficulties and dangers, from servitude and despair to the very threshold of emancipation, with  a genius, courage, and success unequalled in our history.   We do BO, not only on  the ground of gratitude for those imperishable services in the past, but in the profound conviction that ParneU's statesmanship and matchless qualities as a leader are essential to the safety of our cause/
This cablegram was signed by Mr* John Dillon, Mr. William Q'Brion, Mr. T. Harrington, and Mr. T. I\ O'Connor, Mr. T. 1). Sullivan refused to sign it.
The cablegram having been read amid enthusiastic cheering, Mr. .Justin McCarthy proposed the following resolution, which wan carried by acclamation :
* That this mooting, interpreting the Koniinumt of the Irish people that no Hide issue shall bo permitted to obstruct the progress of the groat cause of Home Itulo for Ireland, declare** that in all political matters Mr, Parnell poHHCHHim the confitlonco of the Irish nation, and that this mooting rejoices at the determination of the Irish parliamentary party to stand by their loader/
Speeches in the spirit of the resolution ware then made. I will give a few extracts;
Mr. McCarthy* * I ask you, suppose a man has gone morally wrong in Borne ease, whatever temptation wo know not, it* that the leant roanon to excuse him from doing his duty to the people whom ho is leading to victory? (Applause.) Is it the least reason why, because ho may havo gone wrong in some private question, ha shpuld fail in his duty to load his people
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