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/Ki\ 44]                 ENGLISH  LIBERALS                         245
pack,  would that be a   noble   spectacle   before  the nations ?'
The, McDennott. * We are at present in a political ntrife, and wo refune to intermingle with it considerations which are, only suggested for our destruction. "Were the soldiers of the Nile and the soldiers of Waterloo to stand still in the moment of combative battle to inquire whether their commander had observed one of the Ten CommandmentB ?'
On November 20 Mr, T. P. O'Connor and Mr. Dillon were again interviewed.
Mr. T. 1\ O'Connor. 'Mr. Parnell has done too much for the Irish people for thorn to go back on him now. I declare that the whole Irish people will support the envoys in upholding Mr. Parnell, and there w convincing proof that Ireland in socially, enthusiastically, and fiercely on the side, of the Irish loader/
Mr. DilluH. * I do not think the priests will ask the people to abandon the movement if Mr, Parnell remains the leadm* of the party, One cablegram from Europe reports me AH saying that Mr. Parnell will have to retire. It is all moonshine. 1 have the utmost confidence in him/
On Friday, November 21, Mr, Pritchard Morgan, M.P., wrote to the * Freeman'** Journal': * 1 would remind [Mr. Parnoll'B] political opponents, particularly hiH leading opponents, who are crying aloud for hi« retirement, of the Scriptural injunction, "He that is without Bin amongst you, let him cast the first stone/' Tho conduct of Mr. ParneU'K political opponents clearly indicates that chivalry in politics in an unknown quality, that cunning and intrigue have taken its place/ On Saturday, November 22, Mr. Jacob Bright •wrote to the * Manchester Guardian': * You appear