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218                CHAIILKS STKWAUT  PAllXKLL              [1890
Mr. (tladstone now took instant action. On November'24 he wrote his famoux letter to Mr, Morloy. I shall quote the most pregnant sentences of the fateful document:
*, , While clinging to the hope of communi* cation from Mr. Parncll to whomsoever addressed, I thought it necessary, viewing the arrangements for the commencement of the session to-morrow, to acquaint Mr, McCarthy with the conclusion at which, alter using all the means of observation and reflection in my power, 1 hint myself arrived. It wan that, notwithstanding the splendid services rendered by Mr. Parnell to his country, his continuance at the present moment in tho leadership would IN* productive of consequences cliBantrouH in thtt highest degree to tho causa of Irolancl.
'/ think I nitty he warranted in asking you so far to expand the conclusion J /inn* g 11*1*11 a hove an to add that //n» continuance J speak of teuuld not only place* many hearty anil effective friend* of I he Irish cauw in <t position of tjreat embarrassment> hut would render my retention of the leadership of the. Liberal party, bused <f$ it haa been mainly upon the presentation ftf the Irish-cause, almost a nullity.*l
While Mr* Morley was in Hearch of I Darnell to sliow him Mr, (Hiulstunt^H munifwtn, the Irinh itieiiiliew unit at a quarter to cme o'clock on Tuesday aftcrmnm, November 25, at Committet* Uecnti 15, in th« HOUKC of (kimtiioiw, to elect a                ahninunn.f
Tim * Kn*t'mnn*H Journal * IUIH demfribed htiw Pwrtiell
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