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&•&                 OHAULKS  STEWART  PAHNKLL              [1BIK)
stick by him. lie then saw XIH all at the AVestminster .Palace Hotel. Justin McCarthy wan present. .Parnell aaitl: " I will retire if Gladstone says in writing that he will give the Irish Parliament control of the police and of the land, unless the Knglish Parliament settles it first. Now, I don't want him to write that letter to .me ; let him write it to Justin McCarthy." And then ho turned to Justin and said, with a grim smile, 4I And Justin, when you get the bitter, I advise you to put it in a glass case." *
The, simple truth in that the letter wan published by the express orders of Mr, Gladstone, given to Mr, John Morley and conveyed by him to Mr. Arnold Morlity, It was the opinion of many Liberals tht!ttf and it in the opinion of many Liberals Btill, that the! publication of the hitter—publmhtxl with indecent bantu—wan n          blunder, calculated to exasperate the
situation and increase the difticultum of it peaceful settlement. Whatever might have been Mr. Glad-Htonu's intentions, it wan received as an ultimatum throughout the three kingdoms, and as an ultimatum was resented and defied by the proud, unbending Irish Chief, That letter drove every Irish Nationalist who hud not been demoralised by ngrarianism, or Liberalism, to the Hide of Parnell.
*To tut*,1 an Iri«li Nationalist said, * the question now was one between tin KngliKhman and an Iri»ltmiin» and of courHtt I fltmg niynelf upon th« uttle of my own countryman. It did not mutter a runh to me whether he          right or wrong thtt uumitmt that
11 did not tfoiiblii myHiilf much about the matter, tin old I'Yniiu! limdttr, * until tliti Grand Old Man Of   courts   tho   divorce,