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-*T. 44]     SECOND MEETING OF HUSH MEMBERS       2155
thing? Why, that you are cowards, that you have no naif-reliance, that you do not deserve freedom. I think I am batter affected towards Mr. Gladstone and the Liberal party than any of you. But Parnell is of more importance to Ireland than Mr. Gladstone and the Liberal party, and for that matter than the Irish party too, all put together. Let him go, and Home liulo will go with him for this generation.1
Irish member. * Well, come to-morrow and we will know more.'
I called on the morrow. I had seen by the morning papers that the Irish party had met to reconsider the question of Parneli's leadership, but had adjourned without coming to any definite decision.
* Well,1 1 said to my friend at the agency, * why did you not nettle the question yesterday? ' * Because/ ho auKwmul, * if we had Bottled the question Parneli would no longer be leader of the Irish party. "We [Parncjllittw] forced an adjournment to get time. It is a bad business, and you may take it from me now Parnull IB going to be beaten/
Thin is what actually happened at the meeting of the party on the 26th. When the party had been nemo time in the room Parnell entered, and went straight to the chair, looking calm, unconcerned, imperious. Mr. Barry immediately rose and asked whether in the light of Mr. Gladstone's letter it would not bo the wisest course for Mr. Parnell to retire for a period from the leadership of the party.
Dr. Commins felt that expediency demanded that Piiriuill should adopt this course, at any rate for a time,
Mr. Justin McCarthy said that, having road Mr. Gladstone's letter, he had come to the conclusion thatf-respecting man in the ^orlcl will" say of you when you have done thisive up Farnoll because Mr. Gladstone has written this letter? *                            of