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Ati. 44]               PAttNELL'S MANIFESTO                      259
* In November of last year, in response to a repeated and long-standing request, 1 visited Mr. Gladstone at Hawardon, and received the details of the intended proposals of himself and his colleagues of the late Liberal Cabinet with  regard to  Home Rule, in the ovont of the next general election favouring the Liberal party.
* it is unnecessary for me to do more at present than to direct your attention to certain points of these details, which will be generally recognised as embracing elements vital for your information and the formation of your judgment.    These vital points of difficulty may bo suitably arranged and considered under the following heads:
1 (1) The retention of the Irish members in the Imperial Parliament.
1 (*2) The settlement of the haul or agrarian difficulty iti Ireland.
* (3) Tho control of tho Irish constabulary.
* (4) The appointment of the judiciary (including judges of tho supremo court, county court judges, and resident magistrates).
4 Upon tho subject of the retention of the Irish members in the Imperial .Parliament Mr. Gladstone told me that tho opinion, and the unanimous opinion, of his colleagues and himself, recently arrived at after most mature consideration of alternative proposals, was that, in order to conciliate .English public opinion, it would be necessary to reduce the Irish representation from 103 to ;t2.
* Upon the settlement of the land it wan held that this was one of the questions which must bo regarded tin questions reserved from the control at the  Irish
but, at  tho same time,  Mr.  Gladstone
H 2ish party, Mr. Parnell declared that this sentence should read ' apparently sapped and under-mined.* up Farnoll because Mr. Gladstone has written this letter? *                            of