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Full text of "The Life Of Charles Stewart Parnell - Ii"

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intimated that, while lit* would renew his attempt to settle ilit* matter by Imperial legislation on tin? linen of tho Land l*urchiiKts If ill of 1HWJ, ho would m»t iirnltir-
to put titty                  ttjtttft hix own           ur
IIJMIII lliinr                   hm  Yu*wH"-in nllirr iuul wiiiirlur
wonln,         tho                                         not to !nt
tli« |H»w<*r of                tho                  <iif)U'uity»
iltn 1               Puritiiniiint Wiittltl iu»t,
*  With              trt tin* control of tho            roimtnlm-Iiiry, it                       by II r, Clliiiklrtiia tlmt,  having
tn tin1                   for                                        public
opinion* ho iiiicl hm                      fttlt            it wouUl b«
tti                                        tho                          of
itH                          till*               Of tltii
for an                                         tint             for itn
provtcltnl out of lri»It
* Tlici patifitl of ton or twolvo                                     UK tho limit of tinus during which tho uppointnuuit tif judges, rcKith^nt niiigtHtriilttH^ &<*., siiouUt bit rctiuntul lit tho hiiiitlii of tho Iinjx^ritil uuthority.
1 I have now 141 von a short account of what I gathered of Mr, Gladstone's views iiinl tlumo of hin collea/»ucs during two hours* conversation ut Ifawanlen —-a romviMittott \Nhich, I um l«Hiitd to admit, w,m mainly mono|wdised by Mr. (Uudstone and            to
my own **xpn*Hsioiw of opinion u|w>n             rcmunustt*
cations*, which re}iri»neiit my view» then tuul iu>w.
* And, firnt, with              to tti« reb«ntio!i of tltr
H, the ponition i havo              mloptett, and
^ is that! with th«                     nf full
to tlfci Ifiuli  Legt«lntiira equivuiont to             onjoyed
by ft             of tho American llnion* tho iiuiiilier i«td
cif tho iiii*!tibew w> retniitcid would lutrcniiit ao           up at   ww given where the                 wai 0¥tw a