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JErs. 44]                PARK ELL'S MANIFESTO'                        205
power at the next general election, the Plan of Campaign tenants will suffer. As I have shown, the Liberals propone to do nothing for the Plan of Campaign tenants by direct action when they do come into power, but I am entitled to ask that the existence of these tenants, whom I have supported in every way in the pant, and whom I shall continue to support in the future, shall not constitute a reason for my expulsion from Irish politics* I have repeatedly pledged myself to stand by these evicted tenants and that they shall not he allowed to suffer, and 1 believe that the Irish people throughout the world will support me in this policy.
* Sixteen yearn ago I conceived the idea of an Irish parliamentary party independent of all English parties. Ten yearn ago i wan elected the leader of an independent Irish parliamentary party. During these ten -yearn that party hat* remained independent, and because of its independence it has forced upon the English people the necessity of granting Home Bule to Ireland. I boliovo that party will obtain Home Bule only provided it remains independent of any party,
11 do not believe that any action of the Irish people in supporting me will endanger the Home Bule cause, or postpone the establishment of an Irish Parliament; but even if the danger with which we are threatened by the Liberal party of to-day were to be realised, I believe that the Irish people throughout the world would            with mo that postponement would bo
preferable to a compromise of our national rights by the acceptance of a measure which would not realise the aspirations of our race.11
* Mr. Gladoton* ami Mr* M0rlt*j denied the accuracy of Parnoll's account of tint interview* with them.                     UK         nit             Ins                   ;