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/Kr. 44]              THE ANTI-PARNELLITES                     271
The Anti-Parncllites
The Anti-Parnellitos wore no more influenced by
moral confederations than the Liberal leaders; with both the question was one of political expediency pure and simple.
*Tho divorce case/ says Mr. Harrington, 'produced no effect upon us in America. It was Gladstone's letter that did the thing. It was Gladstone that turned the delegates round/
1 If Parnoll remains Gladstone will go, if Gladstone goos wo will loso the General Election, and if the General Election is lost there will be an end to Homo .Ituli! in our time,*
This wan the process of reasoning used by the Anti-ParuolHios. I will relate one anecdote to show how much tlui ParliamcmtarianB were dominated by Mr. Gladstone.
A Parnollite mcimbor rained the question that Mr, Gladstone did not say definitely that he would go if Paruoll remained—that, in fact, his letter was quite ambiguous on the point. This argument produced an effect on the waverors, whereupon an Anti-Puruullito wrote to Mr. Morley saying that the vague-of Mr. Gladstone's language left some doubt in the minds of the Irish members as to whether lie really inoaut to retire in tho event of Parnoll refusing to give way, and suggesting that Mr, Morley should Bee Mr. Gladstone and got a cloar and explicit statement from him, Mr. Morltiy saw Mr. Gladstone, and then wrote to the Auti-Parnoilito,saying, in effect; c Mr. Gladstone that lit) cannot usefully add anything to what he has already written.* The Irish members, however, were given clearly to understand by the Liberal leadersh iniinl by tliii Hhril^ld inveonrilabli"^ of wltotit ! miy n word - hit looked upon lliiiexpitkiiin of Piiiitt?!! from tlut command of ttm Itihli patty IIH                  for tlici              of thu